DMF-Free Eco PU

DMF-Free Eco PU

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  • 水性PU


    Water-Based PU can be used on sports shoes, work boots, student shoes, sandals, lady’s shoes (boots), baby’s shoes, etc. Meanwhile, PPU can be used for comparatively more abrasion-resistant, cold-resistant products such as hockey skates, snow boots, etc.
  • 水性PU


    1. Balls: baseball, softball, soccer ball, basketball, American football, volleyball, etc.
    2. Gloves: baseball gloves, ski gloves, biking gloves, casual gloves; can add anti-slip, electroconductive, water-resistant functions.
    3. Protective Gear: hockey protective gear, helmet.
  • 水性PU

    Furniture/Home Decorations

    1. Furniture: office desks and chairs, furniture in public spaces (e.g. restaurants, hotels, etc.), hospital furniture, car interior and seats, etc. We can vary the touch, softness, physical strength properties, and functions based on our clients' needs, such as flame retardance, hydrolysis resistance, and resistance against oil stain, ketchup, coffee, coke, etc.
    2. Children Products: baby strollers, cribs, children’s car seats, tall chairs, floor mats, diaper stations, etc. *Fits children’s safety standards, nontoxic, and can meet client physical requirements (bite resistance, abrasion resistance, etc.) and chemical testing requirements.
  • 水性PU

    Consumer Electronics

    1. Headphone: soft, comfortable touch with lightweight, vapor-permeable properties to alleviate the hot, sweaty sensation from prolonged wearing.
    2. Packaging / Boxes: using quality PU leather for packaging containers like jewelry cases can facilitate a classy, sophisticated design.
    3. Stereo & Speakers: using quality PU leather stereo surface can create an elegant, powerful design with abrasion resistance and durability.
    4. Mouse pads.
  • 水性PU


    Sports bags, women's bags, men's bags, briefcases. We can mimic the touch of genuine leather and be DMF-free.

  • 水性PU

    Garment / Textiles

    1. Synthetic leather apparel, skirts.
    2. Accessories: belt, eyeglass case, decorative packages / cases, jewelry box, etc.
    3. PU film can be used as garment logo and label pads.
    4. Thin PU film can be used for lamination onto garment, giving the garment breathability, heat insulation, or other functions.
    5. Functional coating and textile yarn binding.
  • 水性PU

    Special Applications

    1. Eco PU Foam: hyper-foamed PU for impact-absorption material, protective gear, medical supports / braces,and the inner layer of face masks. Can engineer features of vapor-permeability and breathability into the product for more comfortable wear. 2. PU Film: lamination with split leather, or lamination by our customers with their own variety of different textile backings, used on belt, footwear, etc. Can also be made into garment logo labels. 3. Suede, Nubuck Effect (OPC’s Ryan Suede Series): water-based PU with special nubuck, suede or split-leather surface effect.(Photo)

Water-Based PU Resin, PPU Resin Applications

1. PU Synthetic Leather: water-based skin layer, adhesive, foam layer, and water-based finishing agents.
2. Fiber Processing: resin can be used on garment, bag materials, knitted/woven materials, and glass fibers to make sandwich laminations, textile/fiber coatings (e.g. for water pressure resistance or other functions), yarn binding, functional films (e.g. water-resistant and breathable films), textile impregnations, or other downstream processing.
3. Foamed PU Film: hydrophilic foamed film or hydrophobic film for garment, impact-absorption material, medical braces and cushions, and bags, etc.
4. Adhesive for Textile and Other Laminations: the binding adhesive (aka binder) can be used to laminate textiles together, or to laminate TPU with other substrates, etc.
5. Printing Pigment: water-based PU resin can be used as substrates for color-printing pigments.

Ocean Plastics Co., Ltd.’s DMF-free eco-friendly PU products consist of (A) Water-Based Polyurethane Resin (WBPU, also known as “water-based PU” or “waterborne polyurethane”), (B) Non-Solvent Type Prepolymer Polyurethane Resin (PPU, or “Prepolymer PU”), (C) Water-Based PU Synthetic Leather (WBPU Synthetic Leather), and (D) Non-Solvent Type Prepolymer PU Synthetic Leather (PPU Synthetic Leather). In Water-Based PU, water replaces the organic solvents like dimethylformamide (DMF) used in traditional PU, and the PU resin is dispersed in water. If we coat and dry the resin on a substrate, forming a breathable and vapor-permeable layer of elastomers, we can turn it into our Water-Based PU Synthetic Leather. For the PPU product line, we coat a layer of PU prepolymers directly onto a substrate, turning it into our Non-Solvent PPU Synthetic Leather, a product similar to TPU but more firm and heat-resistant.

Our water-based PU resin, PPU resin, and the manufacturing processes of our DMF-free PU synthetic leathers have reduced harmful substances, organic solvents, VOC and CO2 emission, and energy consumption, protecting our clients, users, and employees. We can customize our products for different usage by varying the formula, release paper, surface finishing, printing, embossing, color, and substrate; anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, deodorant, and flame-retardant enhancements can be added according per our clients' needs as well.

Normally, the WBPU Synthetic Leather is suitable for use in lighter and more diverse product applications while the PPU Synthetic Leather is fit for products with higher rebound resilience and fuller, firmer, and tougher properties. However, both can be engineered to meet a wide spectrum of strength requirements and a versatile array of applications. Our DMF-free eco-friendly PU leathers can replace traditional wet- and dry-process solvent-based PU. Not only is our PU technology innovative, it also offers different touch, feels and options, and it can pass rigorous testing by labs such as SGS, Intertek, Bureau Veritas, etc. Our products can meet the requirements of REACH, OEKO-TEX Standard 100, and other similar standards with chemical substance restrictions. The following OPC PU Product Details Chart contains WBPU and PPU's characteristics.

(PU Product Details Chart)

PU Cross Section Image

WBPU Cross Section Image

PPU Cross Section Image


Surface Layer: Water-Based

or 100% Solid


Foam Layer: Water Based

Impregnation/ Dipping Layer


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