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The vegan leather won the 2022 Taiwan Excellence Award.


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We at Ocean Plastics Co., Ltd. focus on innovative product R&D.
In our drive towards a more sustainable future, we are working with
Super Textile Corporation to bring life to what would have been agricultural waste.

We combine Super Textile Corporation's textile made of pineapple leaf fibers
with our environment-friendly water-based polyurethane (PU) resin,
incorporating the fibers as a biomass material in our vegan leather.
The vegan leather won the 2022 Taiwan Excellence Award.

The textile is made by converting the pineapple leaf fibers into threads, then woven into textile that can be soft yet tough.
With Ocean Plastics Co., Ltd.'s eco-friendly PU coating, the combination becomes a vegan leather with different
physical strengths, abrasion resistance, cold resistance, and glosses, bringing new life to the pineapple leaf fibers and our PU resin.
Here at Ocean Plastics Co., Ltd., we will not stop with our R&D as we continue our effort at sustainability by utilizing
waste-generated biomass in our PU productions.

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