Wood Plastic Composites

What is Wood-Plastic Composite?
Wood-Plastic Composite is a composition of certain percentage of plastic and natural fibers such as saw dusts or rice husk. The fibers are first coated with plastic for water resistance, then extruded or injected for a production with wooden texture and appearance. Such material is named Wood plastic composite.

What is Eubert decking?
Eubert is the name of FEtech Wood-Plastic composite. Eubert owns the trademark of Eubert R.Eubert decking is an innovating product composites plastic and wood fiber with the advantage of both materials. Plastic protects wood fibers from rotting and cracking, while the woods protect plastic from UV damage. It has the appearance of woods and with better durable. It requires no maintenance. The product would remain clean and new for years.

What is the difference between Eubert decking and wood lumber?
Eubert decking is about the same weight as hardwoods, but twice the weight of softwoods (such as California redwood, Cedar, Southern yellow pine).
No need of paint protection.
Free from defection from weather condition.
No Cracking.
Toxin-free & preservative-free.
High resistance to water, decay, insect, and UV damage.
Environmental friendly.

What is the difference between Eubert decking and plastic lumber?
Plastic woods are made of 100% plastic, while Eubert decking has 30~50% of wood fibers. The wood fibers bring Eubert decking the advantage of lower coefficient of expansion, anti-UV, slippery-free and painting-friendly; in other words, Eubert decking can be used in similar ways as wood lumber.

What is the charateristics of Eubert Wood -WPC material?
a) Eubert Wood -WPC material has good physical/ chemical properties' performance as following: Free from decay and worms eat, anti- acid and anti-alkali, UV-protection, without dusts and chaps and the long lifetime.
b) Because of the low coefficient of thermal expansion, Eubert Wood -WPC material has a good stabilization in dimensional-change and excellent performace of thermal-isolation.
c) Eubert Wood -WPC material can be easy to do with many work processings, like the shaving, , sawing, screwing and drilling.
d) Eubert wood WPC material is 100% recyclable, it also passed the RoHS testing requirements and will not produce any toxicant after burning.
e) Generally, Eubert wood requires no painting, it is easy and cost free to maintain those porducts.
f) Excellent technologies on the surface after-procession can help to enhance/ upgrade the surface quality (The appearance beauty) of the WPC semi-products.
g) WPC green material to be forever recycle used, well protect the trees on our earth.
h) Base on many years practical usage experience and the product's quality improvements, Eubert wood is best designed to applied for the tropic island weather in Taiwan.

How to assemble Eubert decking under different temperature?
1)Plastic would harden in low temperature; therefore, it would be necessary to drill a guiding hole before screwing when assembling Eubert decking.
2)With heat, Eubert decking would slightly expand with temperature; therefore, it would be necessary to save some rooms between two boards.

Why Eubert decking has resistance to decay and insects?
Eubert decking is a composite of 70% plastic and 30% plastic coated wood fiber, which is not resource of food to insects and molds.
Eubert decking is applicable to walkway and its trims or pool-trims, such places with direct contact to the earth. For its resistance to insects and decay, it requires no preservation process.
Eubert decking is free from insects and carpenter ants.

Is Eubert decking water-resistant and fire proof?
The plastic composition brings Eubert decking high resistance to water; the wood fibers are also coated with plastic for water resistance.
The fire proof scale of Eubert decking is of Class C (or Class III) construction material, it burns like woods, with no added fireproofing composition, and Eubert decking is also applicable for exterior usage.

What kind of construction would Eubert decking fit?
Eubert decking is an ideal material for outdoors construction, such as environmental decoration, recreation equipment, boardwalk, flowerbeds and flower stands.

What's the duration of Eubert decking?
The duration of Eubert decking is more than 10 years. Duration is an effect that would be variable for environmental effects such as weather, decay, insects and UV. However, Eubert decking is a composite with plastic, which is free form decay and insects, with certain percentage of wood fibers and anti-UV finish; the defection caused by UV would also be highly reduced. With reasonable maintenance, its duration would extend more than 10 years.

Does Eubert Wood -WPC has the problems of colour-fading and shape deformation?
Eubert decking is dimension stable while lay flat. In case of decking, it is required to add horizontal bars in adequate distances. The formula for bar placing is: thickness X 10= max. Span. If the formula is carefully followed, there should be no problem of dimension stability.
Eubert decking is of the natural color of the wood fiber it contains. In the beginning of 8-12 weeks, the ¡§after weathering¡¨ color will weather to a lighter shade of color. This gives natural looking on Eubert decking and railing.

Is Eubert decking applicable as main construction material?
Eubert decking has more weight and flexibility than woods. It can be widely applicable in environmental buildings. Although construction support is not the usual purpose of composite lumber, the double-layer design gives Eubert decking better rigidity and loading strength, that make it possible to be minor construction material.

What's the method of working with Eubert decking?
Security : Like any woodwork process, please wear work suit and goggles.

Cutting : Wolfram steel saw with less tooth number is recommended, like 20~40 tooth / 200 ¡í saw blade, after cutting, it can be polished with planer tools.

Drilling : It requires constant dusting during drilling, if dry wall screws are applied,tilting opens are required to prevent budging outs during screwing.

Nailing and screwing : Zinc coated or stainless steel nails and screws are recommended. With wood screws, please drill a guiding holes of 3/4 the size of screw diameter. With self-drilling screws, there is no need of guiding holes, punchers can work directly thereon.

Decking : It requires extra 0.5mm gap between two parallel boards to adapt weather changes and drainage requirement. Rooms are also required at joint ends; it takes 3mm rooms per meter every 10 ¢J .

What's the working Tools I should use?
Regular carpenter tools for cutting, drilling, screwing and nailing.
Screws are more suitable than nails. Please choose stainless steel screws or zinc-coated screws to extend Eubert decking duration. It requires no guiding holes with self-drilling screw.

Shall I paint Eubert decking regularly?
Generally, Eubert decking required no painting, however, we would recommend water paint if you wish so.

Is Eubert decking strong enough to work as beams and pillars?
Eubert decking is flexible than woods, but less rigid. Although construction support is not the usual purpose of composite lumber, the double-layer design gives Eubert decking better rigidity and loading strength, that make it possible to be minor construction material.
The appropriate joist span = board thickness x 10~12.

Are extra rooms required between boards?
Yes, they are required. Eubert decking would slightly expand or shrink, therefore, it needs some extra rooms; 0.5mm for sides, and 3mm/m for joint ends.

How do I clean and maintain Eubert decking?
Please regularly clean the dust and mold consumable materials. Please keep the object clean before the molds have the chance to grow. Once infected, please use sodium hypochlorite or cleanser to remove it. First sweep the surface, then brush it clean, rinse with clean water and dry. Brushing is the most effective way to remove molds. Please do not use cleansers with ammonia or phosphoric acid.

How do I store Eubert decking?
Please lay Eubert decking flat while storage, with supports at both ends. Span less than 600mm is recommended.

How to handle waste materials?
Wastes, trims and aged materials can be returned to manufacturer for recycle.