Water-Based PU & Solvent-Free PPU Resin Applications
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Water-Based PU & Solvent-Free PPU Resin Applications

Water-Based PU Resin, PPU Resin Applications

1. PU Synthetic Leather: water-based skin layer, adhesive, foam layer, and water-based finishing agents.
2. Fiber Processing: resin can be used on garment, bag materials, knitted/woven materials, and glass fibers to make sandwich laminations, textile/fiber coatings (e.g. for water pressure resistance or other functions), yarn binding, functional films (e.g. water-resistant and breathable films), textile impregnations, or other downstream processing.
3. Foamed PU Film: hydrophilic foamed film or hydrophobic film for garment, impact-absorption material, medical braces and cushions, and bags, etc.
4. Adhesive for Textile and Other Laminations: the binding adhesive (aka binder) can be used to laminate textiles together, or to laminate TPU with other substrates, etc.
5. Printing Pigment: water-based PU resin can be used as substrates for color-printing pigments.