Water-Based PU & Solvent-Free PPU Leather Applications
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Water-Based PU & Solvent-Free PPU Leather Applications

  • 水性PU


    Water-Based PU can be used on sports shoes, work boots, student shoes, sandals, lady’s shoes (boots), baby’s shoes, etc. Meanwhile, PPU can be used for comparatively more abrasion-resistant, cold-resistant products such as hockey skates, snow boots, etc.
  • 水性PU

    Ball & Protective Gear

    1. Balls: baseball, softball, soccer ball, basketball, American football, volleyball, etc.
    2. Gloves: baseball gloves, ski gloves, biking gloves, casual gloves; can add anti-slip, electroconductive, water-repellent functions.
    3. Protective Gear: hockey protective gear, helmet, braces.
  • 水性PU

    Furniture and Home Products

    1. Furniture: PU leather on office desks and chairs, furniture in public spaces (e.g. restaurants, hotels, etc.), hospital furniture, etc. We can vary the touch, softness, physical performance properties, and functions based on our clients' needs, hydrolysis resistance, and resistance against oil stain, ketchup, coffee, coke, etc. Chairs using our water-based PU feel cooler to the touch with more heat dissipation than traditional solvent-based PU. Also, furniture made from our water-based PU will not have a plastic-like or solvent-like smell.
    2. Children Products: baby strollers, cribs, children’s car seats, tall chairs, floor mats, diaper stations, etc. *Fits children’s safety standards, nontoxic, and can meet client physical requirements (bite resistance, abrasion resistance, etc.), chemical testing requirements, and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Appendix 4 Class 1.
  • 水性PU

    Consumer Electronics

    1. Headphone: soft, comfortable touch with lightweight, vapor-permeable properties to alleviate the hot, sweaty sensation from prolonged wearing. Hydrolysis resistance prevents the PU leather from degrading and flaking off with sticky surface touch after only a short period of time.
    2. Packaging / Boxes: using quality PU leather for packaging containers like jewelry cases can facilitate a classy, sophisticated design.
    3. Stereo & Speakers: using quality PU leather stereo surface can create an elegant, powerful design with abrasion resistance and durability.
    4. Mouse pads.
  • 水性PU


    Sports bags, women's bags, men's bags, briefcases. We can mimic the touch of genuine leather and be DMF-free.

  • 水性PU

    Garment / Textiles

    1. Synthetic leather apparel, skirts.
    2. Accessories: belt, eyeglass case, decorative packages / cases, jewelry box, etc.
    3. PU film can be used as garment logo, label pads. PU film can also be laminated with split leather, or lamination by our customers with their own variety of different textile backings, used on belt, footwear, garment, etc.
    4. Thin PU film can be used for lamination onto garment, giving the garment breathability, heat insulation, or other functions.
    5. Functional coating and textile yarn binding.
  • 水性PU

    Special Applications and Processing Options

    1. Eco PU Hyperfoam: hyper-foamed PU with high foam expansion ratio for impact-absorption material, protective gear, medical supports / braces, inner layer of face masks, and water vapor permeable garment membrane layers. Can engineer features of vapor-permeability and breathability into the product for more comfortable wear.
    2. Suede, Nubuck Effect (OPC’s Ryan Suede Series): water-based PU with special nubuck, suede or split-leather surface effect.(Photo)
    3. Antibacterial, Antifungal, Alcohol-Resistance: our PU leather, PU film, PU foam can be engineered with such functions as needed.
    4. Cooling Effect: water-based PU leather, film, and foam products can offer a slight cooling effect from a more obvious heat dissipation.
    5. Embossing possible: it is possible to emboss on our PU leather and PU film with the right formulation.