Wood Plastic Composites
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Product Applications

  • 木塑膠粒


    FETech compound is a composite material of natural fibers and recycled plastic and possesses the good quality characteristics of both components. Using FETech compound can help you reduce the cost of your plastic products, simply the processing procedure for your wooden products and decrease the waste of scrap by far—a shortcut to success.
    Product features:
    1. Standard and customized products; in the latter case, the plastic-fiber ratio, color tone and fiber gauge of the material can be chosen and adjusted to customer demand to best match customer’s usage.
    2. Stable quality as a result of manufacturing using Taiwan technology and quality control, which not just mixes plastic and fiber, whereas every grain of fiber is completely film enveloped by chemical technique and the rigorously prepared raw material is free of foreign substances and any hazardous substances (e.g. heavy metal or mixture).
    3. Suits producing processes like injection molding and extrusion of plastic.
    4. This raw material is low in expansion/shrinkage rate, good in worn-proof and anti-rust.
    5. Suits high value-added processes like sealing, spray painting, water transfer printing and thermal transfer printing.
    6. Very cost effective for wooden products that require multi-process, e.g., wooden handle and furniture.
    7. A green material, which uses PE or PP as base material, and a pure and stable product, which passed RoHS certification.
    8. The properties of the product have the advantage of respective replacement (price/performance). The finished products can be more rigid and well dispersed.
  • 板材系列


    Nature is my color
    The Eubert wood series offers personal designs, so it needs not dyeing, painting or covering. With durable quality, it also comes in various colors and sizes to help customers showcase warm, rich and bright layout in designing.

    Eubert wood – Characteristics (advantages as material) of wood-plastic composites:
    1. Corrosion-free, anti-bug, acidity/alkalinity-resistant, UV-resistant, non-cracking and durable.
    2. Low coefficient of thermal expansion ensures stable dimensions; thermal insulation is also good.
    3. Easy to fabricate; can be planed, sawed, nailed and drilled.
    4. 100% recyclable; RoHS certified ensuring no toxicant produced after incineration.
    5. Not needing painting, easy to maintain and low in maintenance cost.
    6. Researched and developed specifically for island climate like in Taiwan after improvement by experience over years.
    7. Recyclable and reusable to protect the Earth with its forest.
    8. Researched and developed specifically for island climate like in Taiwan after improvement by experience over years.
  • 柱才系列


    Pillars are divided in hollow and solid designs, and are divided in structural and non-structural in terms of usage.
    Eubert wood is generally more flexible than wood, but inferior to wood in rigidity; so it is suitable for nonstructural design. If it should be used in structures like column and beam, it can be designed and treated by applying steel lined inside to make it strong enough for a structural material.

  • 零配件


    Complete design of end cap, post footing and screw hole plugs that are of the same material, as well as the easy construction process that has been professionally considered all enable the consumers to put this material to application more conveniently. While the shaped products have hollow cross section, the opening is always provided with components and joints to ensure complete beauty and material safety; for instance, the product can keep from its inside becoming habitats for animals or insects when used outdoors, so there would not be any hazard.

  • 掛瓦條


    FETech offers an alternative for the tile installation to replace conventional wood tiles. FETech’s HDPE shingles are a revolutionary product, which, for its outstanding characteristic, presents great advantages for the installer.

  • 戶外家具


    FETech’s outdoor furniture creates great visual values for your gardens, yards or any space out in the sun. The advantage of low maintenance allows you to spend more time with your family.
    The exquisite design and the taste with sense of quality blend with the nature, achieving harmonious beauty.