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Product Applications

  • CELLwood

    Introduction of CELLwood

    CELLwood, a revolutionary, eco-friendly material, aiming to decrease the rate of deforestation and provide a green and healthy environment for generations. Featuring non-toxic, heavy metals-free, and no formaldehyde, CELLwood is an alternative among current materials such as wood and WPC on the market. It is made of pure TPE, no wood flour or dust is added, thus it can totally be recycled. 。

    CELLwood Properties

    1.100% copolymer foam without adding any wood flour。

    2.Wood-like property; Slip resistance。

    3.Similar processing technique to plastic and wood; Easy for thermo-shaping。

    4.Very low water absorption; No swelling and buckling; Anti-acid and alkali。

    5.Non-toxic; Heavy metals-free; No formaldehyde。

    6.Completely recyclable and re-usable。

    7.Avoid organic solvents such as benzene, toluene, xylene and corrosion liquor。

  • CELLwood

    CELLwood Board and Decking

    CELLwood Board:

    1.Produced by special press foaming process。

    2. Closed foam cell provides meticulous texture,similar to wood 。

    3.Similar density to teak wood-0.35~0.8 g/cm³.Density is adjustable upon request 。

    4.Revolutionary fiber glass structural reinforcement。

       Dimension(mm): (thickness*width*length)(T)12~30 x (W) 900/1200 x (L)1800/2400

    CELLwood Decking:General and big size boards are suitable for

    1.Architectural renovation project: landscape design, gardening, grilles, fences。

    2.Indoor and outdoor decking。

    3.Humid environment (bathroom, SPA room,swimming pool deckings…)。

    4.Others (furniture suppliers, toys and crafts)。

       Dimension(mm): (thickness*width*length) (T)12~30 x (W)145/175/220/300 x (L)1800/2400

  • CELLwood

    CELLwood Extrusion Profile

    CELLwood Extrusion Profile:

    1.Produced by continuous extrusion foaming process。

    2.Closed foam cell provides meticulous texture similar to wood。

    3.Similar density to teak wood-0.55~0.75 g/cm³. Density is adjustable upon request。

    4.Variety of shapes. (depends on the mold)。

       Dimension(mm): (thickness*width*length)

       (T)15 x (W) 90 x (L)3000~

       (T)30 x (W) 30 x (L)3000~

       (T)30 x (W) 60 x (L)3000~

       (T)30 x (W) 70 x (L)3000~

       (T)25 x (W) 140 x (L)3000~

    • 微晶木

      CELLwood Embossed Decking

      1. Grain:B040,E750,E751,E902。

      2. Color:Fir、Cypress、teak…。

      3. Dimension (mm)(thickness*width*length):
      (T)12~30 x (W)145/175/220/300 x (L)1800/2400。








    • Recycling process

      Recycling process:(Click to enlarge)
      CELLwood CELLwood




        Landscape designs


        Fences, grillages and cultural creative products

    • CELLwood

      Why choose CELLwood

      1.CELLwood is the most wood-like material in the WPC field。

      2.Because CELLwood is made from 100% pure plastics, so heat shrinkage and water absorption are very slight。

      3.CELLwood could be composed of complete wood grain, but WPC can't make realistic wood effect。

      4.CELLwood is suitable for all kind of wooden products, but because WPC is made by extrusion process,so it still has some restrictions on applications。

    • CELLwood

      General method of machining

      1.1. Easy for shaping (sawing, cutting, nailing, drilling, milling and grinding…)。

      2.Use the same machining tools and equipments with wood and WPC, but cutting tools must be deeper groove, a small number of    cutter tooth and wider pitch of tooth。

      3.Screws, steel nails and fasteners can be accepted。

      4.The surface can be polished and varnished。

      5.Bonding can be used two-component adhesive (large area) and instant glue (small area)。