Working Method Material Characteristics Working Tools

  • Mildew Clean up

    Please regular to clean the dust and mildew on the green materials. Please keep the object clean before the mildews have the chance to grow. Once infected, please use sodium hypochlorite or cleanser to remove it. First step to sweep the surface and brush it clean, then rinse it with clean water and dry. Brushing is the most effective way to remove mildews. Please do not use cleansers with ammonia or phosphoric acid.
  • Periodic Cleaning and Maintenance

    Eubert wood is a low maintenance material. And it is not impervious to grease and mud. The best preventative maintenance is sweeping it often, and keeping it like a new one. Although Eubert wood is not the sustenance to mildews, therefore, when dirty, junks, food crops and residues of foods are round, the proper and periodic cleanness is essential.

  • Storage

    Please lay Eubert decking in flat position while storage, with supports at both ends. Span less than 600 mm is recommended.