Wood Plastic Composites

What is Wood-Plastic Composite?
What is Eubert decking?
What is the difference between Eubert decking and wood lumber?
What is the difference between Eubert decking and plastic lumber?
What is the charateristics of Eubert Wood -WPC material?
How to assemble Eubert decking under different temperature?
Why Eubert decking has resistance to decay and insects?
Is Eubert decking water-resistant and fire proof?
What kind of construction would Eubert decking fit?
What's the duration of Eubert decking?
Does Eubert Wood -WPC has the problems of colour-fading and shape deformation?
Is Eubert decking applicable as main construction material?
What's the method of working with Eubert decking?
What's the working Tools I should use?
Shall I paint Eubert decking regularly?
Is Eubert decking strong enough to work as beams and pillars?
Are extra rooms required between boards?
How do I clean and maintain Eubert decking?
How do I store Eubert decking?
How to handle waste materials?