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  • 水性PU


    1. Shoe Vamp:We can utilize WBPU's (Water-Based PU) breathability and soft touch in products like baby shoes and customize the color, surface effects, physical properties, and the cloth. We can use PPU (prepolymer PU) to develop functional products with strong physical properties like abrasion and cold-resistance, products like motorcycle shoes or ice-skating shoes.
    2. Shoe Lining:We can add anti-fungal, breathable and ventilating, deodorant effects on soft, comfortable PU leather.
    3. Shoe Tongue:Our hyper-foam products can reach the thickness of 4.0mm. We can use high-frequency molding where the product doesn't need to be combined to a lining, or we can use 0.8 mm Water-Based PU leather as the lining, both soft and comfortable.
  • 水性PU


    1. Baseball/Softball:PU over split leather or synthetic PU leather has a strong tolerance in shooting tests and good hand-touch. We are the designated supplier of renowned manufacturers.
    2. Soccer:Sophisticated hand-sewn or machine-sewn ball, soft surface touch
    3. Basketball:Transition into WBPU from the traditional wet PU, good hand grip, ball easily maneuvered
    4. American Football:good hand grip, ball easily maneuvered
    5. Volley Ball:Sophisticated laminated balls and machine-sewn balls have a good hand-touch, the surface can mimic genuine leather's look and gentle touch.
  • 水性PU

    Furniture/Home Decorations

    Office desks and chairs, marine applications, sofa, car interior and seats, etc. We can vary the hand touch, physical properties and functions based on our clients' needs (such as flame retardance, hydrolysis-resistance).

  • 水性PU

    Bicycle Seats

    Our abrasion-resistant PU leather can be applied in injection molding; surface variation can be customized according to our clients' needs on patterns or colors.

  • 水性PU


    Sports bags, women's bags, men's bags, briefcases. We can mimic the touch of genuine leather. DMF-free.

  • 水性PU


    We can mimic the touch and look of genuine leather. Our PU leather is soft, and its production DMF free and heavy metal free to ensure the health of our product users.


Our eco-friendly PU products include the Water-Based Polyurethane resin (WBPU), the WBPU synthetic leather, and the non-solvent PPU synthetic leather (Prepolymer Polyurethane leather). In WBPU, water replaces the organic solvents used in traditional PU (like DMF), and the PU resin is dispersed in water. If we coat and dry the resin on a substrate, forming a breathable and vapor-permeable layer of elastomers, we can turn it into our WBPU synthetic leather. For the PPU product line, we coat a layer of PU prepolymers directly onto a substrate, turning it into non-solvent PPU synthetic leather, a product similar to TPU but more firm and heat-resistant.

The manufacturing processes of WBPU and PPU leathers have reduced harmful substances, organic solvents, VOC and CO2 emission, and energy consumption, protecting our clients, users, and employees. We can customize our products for different usage by varying the formula, release paper, surface processing, printing, embossing, color, and substrate; anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, deodorant, and flame retardant enhancements can be added according to our clients' needs as well.

Essentially, the WBPU leather is suitable for use in lightweight products while the PPU leather is fit for products with higher physical property thresholds. However, both can still be adjusted to suit different usages. Our eco-friendly PU leathers can completely replace traditional wet and dry process PU. Not only is our PU technology innovative, it can also offer different touch, feels and options and pass SGS testing. The following PU Product Details Chart contains WBPU and PPU's characteristics.

(PU Product Details Chart)

PU Cross Section Image

WBPU Cross Section Image

PPU Cross Section Image


Surface Layer: Water-Based

or 100% Solid


Foam Layer: Water Based

Impregnation/ Dipping Layer


  • A series
  • P series
  • Quality management system

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